28 May 2010

Special issue of Revue internationale de droit pénal on the Review Conference

The Association internationale de droit pénal has published a special issue of the Revue internationale de droit pénal on the Review Conference, which is available electronically.
The contents include:
José Luis de la Cuesta and Reynald Ottenhof , 'The Association Internationale de Droit Pénal and the Establishment of the International Criminal Court'
Károly Bárd, The difficulties of writing the past through law - Historical trials revisited at the European Court of Human Rights'
Steven W. Becker, 'The objections of larger nations to the International Criminal Court'
Roger S. Clark, 'Effecting amendments to the Rome Statute that may be decided upon at the first Review Conference in 2010'
Matthew Heaphy, 'The United States and its interests in the 2010 Review Conference of the Rome Statute of the ICC'
Davorin Lapaš, 'Sanctioning non-state entities -- An international law approach'
Héctor Olásolo and Alejandro Kiss, 'The role of victims in criminal proceedings before the International Criminal Court'
Sergey Sayapin, The compatibility of the Rome Statute’s draft definition of the crime of aggression with national criminal justice systems'
Christine Schön, 'Telling their stories in their own words: Witness familiarisation at the International Criminal Court'
Sabine Swoboda, 'Confidentiality for the protection of national security interests'

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