11 June 2010

High Drama: Moving Closer to a Result

At 430 this afternoon, the Plenary reconvened. Ambassador Wenaweser presented us with his latest draft.
The big change in this most recent version is that he has finally eliminated the 'Alternative 1' from article 15 bis. Alternative 1 meant that if the Security Council did not determine an act of aggression had taken place, then the Court could not proceed with an investigation.
Now, the P5 have always indicated that this issue was a red line for them. At the same time, Alternative 1 was absolutely toxic for most countries from the South. They would not agree to a provision that would actually confirm and possibly even enhance the authority of the Security Council.
We reconvene at 830 this evening for the final session.

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  1. High Drama Indeed! We eagerly await the outcome here in New York.